Registration closed

General practitioner on Herengracht is currently closed to new patients. We open several times a year for new registrations.

Would you like to receive a reminder when we open again? Send an email to Please note: you must have active Dutch insurance to be able to register with us. We do not accept international insurance.

Partners and family members of patients who are already registered are welcome, provided they live at the same address in our catchment area. You can email or call us for a registration request.

Catchment area
Our service area is located within the A10 ring road and below the central station. Amsterdam North is therefore excluded. You cannot register with us if you do not live in our service area.

Have you moved or are you going to move?
Please provide us with your current address details as soon as possible.

Do you now live outside our service area?
Then you must switch to a GP in your area. If general practitioners in your area are full, please contact your health insurer.